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The PIZZAJ Story

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We are elated and yet anxious to share our story, not because it is going to be like a movie with twists and turns in life that led the way to where we are and what we are doing today As simple as it could get, it all started with our usual gathering with a few besties when we reminisced about the good old times of traveling abroad, eating pizzas, and drinking cold beer. Lovely nostalgic moments that brought back fond memories of those backpacking days. Adventure with a shoestring budget, living off bread & cheese on most days, having the occasional pizza treat seems to be a real treat for us as we recalled. During those times, having pizzas were like fine dining to us. We could still recall those lovely alfresco cafes and pizzerias, the smell of wood-fired pizzas served in the cool autumn air, and the heavenly taste of hot pizza with an unforgettable crust that's slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

That was more than two decades ago. Over time and lifestyle changes perhaps, the demand for pizza seems to have made it evolved into what we called fast food today. It seems to have lost the kind of magic that gives us the spark of love at first bite, that sort of romance with pizza knowing all the hard work that goes behind it. Pizza these days taste pretty much similar and are served at lightning speed.  The structure and the complex flavor of the crust are so blatantly missing and we still see discarded crusts at times on the table. There are though many pizza joints with fine pizzas but they are a tad too pricey. 

The desire to create our own pizza didn't seem to go away, then the next thing we knew, we are right on our journey with the quest for making great Pizzas the authentic Italian way with a fusion twist and at affordable prices! Our mission is to achieve that 'Spark' at the first bite with a crust that evokes the fullness of flavor, bringing out the best in grains, creating a texture that's not too chewy and too hard, too thick and too thin. We wanted a crust that is even good on its own and enhanced with a fine blend of fusion toppings. With this in mind, we have done close to a hundred dough recipes. From research to experimenting with different flours, different timing even different kneading techniques in varying temperatures. We finally found where we belong - with a twist between Neapolitan and New York-style. After a long journey of pizza overdose, we finally created PIZZAJ! And we can't wait to share it with you!

If you're wondering what's the 'J ' in PIZZAJ. It's from our J-recipe, the initial of a founding member of our little team. Maybe one day you might meet her and you'll totally feel the happy vibes that she kneads in the lovely dough she made.  

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